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As the largest and one of the most selective alternative certification programs in the country, the NYC Teaching Fellows program seeks out dedicated individuals with a proven record of success to teach in New York City schools. Fellows bring a broad range of personal and professional backgrounds to the classroom, and are passionate about making a difference in the lives and futures of New York City public school students. Fellows typically have no prior teaching experience, but possess the skills and attitudes that enable them to drive student achievement for students across New York City.


An Extraordinary Cohort

The cohort of Fellows who joined the program in 2016 represent a highly-selective group, with only 24 percent of applicants admitted to the program. 


June 2016 Fellows are successful, driven individuals who have displayed excellence in their previous endeavors and who are committed to increasing student achievement. Their average undergraduate GPA is 3.24, and 17 percent of these Fellows came into the program with at least one advanced degree.


A Diverse Teaching Force

The NYC Department of Education is by far the largest public school system in the United States, with the most diverse student population. One of the program's goals is to bring more educators with diverse backgrounds into the classroom. Our commitment to recruiting a diverse teaching force has produced noticeable results: 66 percent of the latest cohort of Fellows self-identify as people of color and 44 percent self-identify as Black or Latino, compared to 12 percent of all teachers nationwide.[1]

A Broad Range of Professional Experiences

Fellows are talented, dedicated individuals from different backgrounds and careers who are committed to improving student achievement in New York City.*

  • Education: 31%
  • Non-profit: 11%
  • Financial: 6%
  • Sales/Retail: 7%
  • Healthcare: 5%
  • Law: 3%
  • Advertising: 4%
  • Media: 2%
  • Government: 2%

Geographic Information

The NYC Teaching Fellows program seeks candidates from a broad range of cultural backgrounds who are interested in giving back to the community in New York City. Our latest cohort of Fellows represents over 31 states and over 100 universities.

  • Fellows from New York State: 84%
  • Fellows from New York City: 68%

*Prior career field excludes approx. 20 percent Fellows who are just graduating from school.

Meet Malik, Fellow since 2008. He teaches math in the Bronx.