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Thanks for your interest in the New York City Teaching Fellows program.  If you'd like to learn more about the Fellowship or have questions about your application, please contact us using the email form to the right. We appreciate your email, and work to respond promptly to all inquiries.

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Application Process

Great teachers play a vital role in helping students realize their potential—that’s why our program is highly selective. Our rigorous application process will help us—and you—determine if you’re a good fit for the program. There are three parts to the process: The Online Application, Phone Interview, and Selection Day.

  1. Online Application: During this stage of the application process, we are looking for evidence that shows your professionalism, ability to think critically, and commitment to holding high expectations for all students. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. For more information about the online application, please review our Application Preparation Guide.
  1. Phone Interview: Based on your Online Application, you may be invited to participate in a 30-minute one-on-one phone interview. During the interview, you can expect to answer questions about your interest in teaching and how you would handle scenarios involving typical challenges teachers may face in the classroom. Please note that some candidates may skip the phone interview and move directly to Selection Day if sufficient evidence has been collected through the review of their Online Application.
  1. Selection Day: Candidates who successfully complete the Phone Interview will be invited to attend an in-person Selection Day event in New York City. At Selection Day, you will be expected to teach a five-minute sample lesson and will have the opportunity to learn and practice a fundamental teaching technique from a member of our Selection Staff. We will be looking for your comfort level and presence in front of the room, your ability to break down complex concepts to your students, and your ability to present content in a clear and engaging way.

The application process takes from six to ten weeks. Exceptional applicants will be offered acceptance into the Fellows program based on the strength of their application, their interview, their subject area eligibility, and the needs of the NYC Department of Education. Your admissions decision will include your subject area assignment as well as your Bronx Cohort decision.

Application Deadlines

The application is currently closed. Create your account now to be the first to learn when the application reopens!

Application Timelines

Applicants are reviewed on a rolling basis and we encourage you to apply as early as possible. While individual application timelines will vary by candidate, the table below provides typical application timelines based on when you submit your application. To ensure you’re receiving all communications from our office, we encourage you to add “NYC Teaching Fellows” to your Safe Sender list.

Admissions Timeline Time after application deadline
Submit Online Application By deadline

Phone Interview Invitation

Initial application review typically takes two-three weeks. Some applicants may be invited to bypass the phone interview and sign up for an in-person interview, which may expedite the admissions decision.

10-12 weeks

Schedule and Conduct Phone Interview

Interviews are available throughout the week.

12-14 weeks

In-Person Interview Invitation

Invitations are typically sent within one week of a phone interview.

14-15 weeks

Attend In-Person Interview

Interviews are available at least twice a week. Applicants must attend an in-person interview within one month of receiving an invitation.

14-16 weeks

Receive Admissions Decision

Final decisions are typically made within 10-30 days of an in-person interview.

16-18 weeks

Accept or Decline Offer to Enroll in NYCTF

We ask applicants to enroll within 6-14 days of receiving an offer. Depending on how much time is left in the enrollment season, we may accommodate brief extensions.

18-20 weeks

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