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img_380w_JViau_chalkboard.jpg “I use my real life experiences to take my students beyond quadratic equations, lines, and exponents. I am able to pull from many resources and show the students why math truly is important in real life.” – Shelley, 2005 Fellow 




Almost 1 in 4 math teachers in New York City are NYC Teaching Fellows

Who We Want

Great math teachers know that math is the foundation for a wide variety of 21st century careers including engineering, technology, architecture, and computer programming. Our exceptional math Fellows:

  • Know that solid math skills open the doors for their students to pursue the careers they choose.
  • Work relentlessly to instill a love of math in every student and ensure they master the math fundamentals they need to pursue competitive math programs, such as engineering and finance.
  • Show students the relevance and excitement of math with hands-on projects, field trips, and real-life examples of math being used in diverse fields like sports, business, and the arts.
  • Understand the profound importance of literacy, and incorporate reading and writing complex texts into their math lessons to ensure that students have the skills to pursue the subject areas they are passionate about.

Unique Training for Math Teachers

Every subject area is unique and requires specialized strategies to teach it effectively. Unlike many similar programs, Teaching Fellows training is led by expert math teachers with a track record of success in high-need New York City schools. University coursework focuses on the most critical content knowledge and teaching techniques needed in math fields, and instructors and Coaches focus on developing the practical skills Fellows need to help students master that content.


Fellows also enjoy ample opportunity to build relationships with other math teachers, allowing them to share resources during every training session and to continue collaborating when they’re back in their own schools.


Master’s Degree and Certification

While teaching, math and Math Immersion Fellows work toward a master’s degree in education, concentrating in mathematics. Most Fellows are certified to teach grades 7-12; however, some universities train Math Immersion Fellows to teach grades 5-9 only, and all Math Immersion Fellows are encouraged to seek middle school-level math positions. Learn more about the subsidized master’s degree in education.


Teaching Math in New York City

  • New York City offers a wealth of resources for math teachers. Fellows take advantage of all the city has to offer, from field trips to the Museum of Math to guest speakers who are top researchers in their fields. Fellows also know that the massive financial services industry and rapidly growing tech sector in New York City provide a wealth of opportunities for students to see the practical application of math in a variety of fields. Visits to the New York Stock Exchange and "Silicon Alley" have inspired dynamic lesson plans that build students' mathematical and financial literacy.
  • Math Fellows join a network of dedicated, motivated teachers transforming educational opportunities for New York City students. 20 percent of all math teachers in New York City are Teaching Fellows, and Fellows rely on each other to share resources, lesson plans, professional development opportunities, field trip ideas, and guest speakers.

The Math Immersion Program

The New York City Teaching Fellows program offers the only Math Immersion program in New York City, allowing candidates with an interest in teaching math, but without the state-required bachelor’s degree in math, to participate in an additional two weeks of training and become certified to teach math in New York City.


Math Immersion training sets Fellows up for success by deepening their expertise in the content knowledge and skills they will teach their students. Fellows leave Immersion excited to lead instruction and bolster math achievement by drawing on their strengthened mathematical savvy. While teaching, Fellows continue to participate in math coursework as part of their master’s degree program, until they reach the requisite 30-credits needed to pursue the next level of NY state certification.


Math Immersion Fellows receive a stipend to offset living costs during the additional two weeks of training. Last year the additional stipend was $1000.

Meet Malik, Fellow since 2008. He teaches math in the Bronx.