Meet Kavita, Fellow since 2003.

In every teacher’s life, there are special moments that touch not only the heart and mind, but also the soul. Just recently, I showed my inclusion math class a documentary entitled Super Size Me, a film about one man’s quest to demonstrate the ill effects of fast food. Since it was the day before Thanksgiving, I thought showing this film would be a nice break for the kids (and for me!), and it would provide an interesting lesson on nutrition, which could be connected to math.


Back from Thanksgiving break, I went to pick my class up from lunch. Unlike many instances when the kids are not getting along, I was shocked to find my students huddled in the corner whispering to one other. After bringing the children back to the classroom, I could no longer contain my curiosity. I asked a student what had transpired in the lunchroom, expecting to hear something sinister. Instead, this student explained to me that the class had written a petition to the principal asking him to change the lunch menu to include more nutritious food. At the bottom of the petition were the signatures of all 28 students in my class! 


I was amazed at the initiative that the students took. They worked together, associated what I had shown them in class, and integrated their learning into their own lives. It is a moment like this that makes all the hard work and struggles that one experiences as a teacher completely worthwhile.  Like a parent, a teacher often feels that her words fall on deaf ears. However, if you listen carefully enough, you will realize that your words are in fact heard and do indeed have significant impact!