Meet Nse, Fellow since 2003.

I chose to become a Fellow because I know the value of a good education, and I wanted a chance to effect change in the lives of what I saw as the future generation. I think my training as a Fellow was very effective in preparing me for what to expect and how to effectively handle situations in a New York City public school.


Harry S. Truman is a large school (over 2,000 students), with a roughly equal gender ratio with students of mostly Hispanic and African American decent. I believe providing academic rigor in courses that my students might not ordinarily get in high school allows the students to feel like they have more options.


My proudest moments are always when students return to thank me and keep in touch to let me know how they are progressing in terms of meeting their college and life goals.  They return year after year, even when I am not their content teacher, to talk about math and science.  I believe my love for math has been transferred to most of them.


I believe becoming a Fellow gives you a great opportunity to teach content you love and change the world one student at a time. I am inspired to teach because I feel that I am making a difference in an underrepresented population.


I look forward to continuing in my efforts to act as a good role model as well as providing academic rigor in the area of mathematics and engineering.