Meet Jordan, Fellow since 2005.

Why did you decide to become a Fellow?
As someone who is a product of New York City public schools, I wanted the opportunity to give back and improve on some of the  shortcomings I remember from my school  experience. I also liked the idea of a   subsidized Master’s. For awhile, I had worked  on the business side of the entertainment industry in California. The work was lucrative but left you with a substantial feeling of ‘Who cares?’

What are some challenges you’ve tackled in your classroom?
I work with a population of students who are predominantly Spanish-speaking immigrants mostly from the Dominican Republic and Mexico. I don’t speak much Spanish, so it’s difficult at times to communicate with the parents. But I’ve been able to get my hands on some books in Spanish that the parents  read at home with my students. My students didn’t have a love of reading when they came in. But through our year-long study of Roald Dahl books, they scramble to finish his books and to start the next one. Their zeal for books now leaves me awestruck. When you reflect on the school year and you compare what   students are doing now to what they did when they walked into your class in September, you can't help but feel proud of yourself and of them.