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Thanks for your interest in the New York City Teaching Fellows program.  If you'd like to learn more about the Fellowship or have questions about your application, please contact us using the email form to the right. We appreciate your email, and work to respond promptly to all inquiries.

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In addition to helping you develop the skills you need to help students grow, the NYC Teaching Fellows program supports you in earning the certification you need to launch your teaching career. As alternative certification teachers, Fellows receive an entry-level certificate, known as a Transitional B certificate, while completing their master’s degrees. This certificate is valid for up to three years if a Fellow remains in good standing with the program. Upon completion of the master’s degree and additional state requirements, Fellows are eligible to apply for an Initial Certificate to continue their careers as teachers.


In order to be eligible for a Transitional B Certificateall Fellows must pass the following New York State certification exams:

Our students deserve the very best and brightest educators. NYC’s certification exams are challenging and set a high bar for success. Fellows are encouraged to begin studying for these exams as soon as possible, and enrolled Fellows will be required to take each exam prior to pre-service training. To learn more about each exam, please review the materials provided by the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE).

Note: In addition to passing the exams listed above, Fellows must complete several additional steps to meet the requirements for their Transitional B certificate. These steps include, but are not limited to, passing a background check and completing three workshops (Child Abuse, DASA, School Violence).

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“I decided to join the NYC Teaching Fellows to cultivate the next generation of thinkers. There are many skills I developed elsewhere that I was able to bring to the classroom.”

Shawn, 2004 Fellow