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Our Impact

We know that great teachers matter—a lot.

Since 2000, the NYC Teaching Fellows program has provided the city’s students with thousands of talented new teachers. Today, Fellows work in 80 percent of NYC’s 1,800 public schools and represent 12 percent of the city’s active teaching force.

Fellows are transforming educational opportunities for the city’s highest-need students. Our impact grows each year as more exceptional teachers start their careers, teaching critical-need subjects in NYC public schools.

Collaborating to spark creativity and opportunity

As someone whose native language isn’t English, Ms. Chang understands the challenges immigrants face learning a new language. After teaching English to students in rural Korea, Samantha Chang became a Fellow in 2013 and committed herself to helping English language learners strengthen their knowledge of U.S. history while simultaneously building social and academic skills. At her school, Ms. Chang creates a culture of collaboration among teachers across subject areas—making sure to connect her lessons to those taught by her colleagues across the hallway. Last year, working together with the English Language Arts and theatre teachers, Ms. Chang secured Broadway tickets for her 11th grade students. In preparation for their field trip, students created their own performance piece using the literary and theatre techniques they learned while incorporating historical context. As a result of her continuous collaborative efforts, more than half of Ms. Chang’s students—many whose first language is not English—passed the Regents and are considered college-ready.

Engaging students and families to promote achievement

Sohail Qureshi worked as a business marketing and sales representative before joining the Fellows program. In 2014, Mr. Qureshi decided to return to his neighborhood in the south Bronx and teach math at his former middle school. He brings math to life for his students by using real-world examples in every lesson, helping students draw connections between what they are learning in school and experiencing in their daily lives. Mr. Qureshi tells his students that being good at math is not an innate skill - like their role models who practice consistently to perfect their craft, learning math requires hard work and study. He also knows that student success requires engaging families and building strong relationships with them. By consistently encouraging his students and hosting weekly meetings with parents and guardians, Mr. Qureshi makes learning math achievable for all his students.

Leading communities to improve student outcomes

After eight years teaching in the classroom as an NYC Teaching Fellow, Anthony Finney became the founding principal of a Queens high school for English language learners. As the school’s leader, Mr. Finney focused on incorporating literacy into lessons across subject areas. He and his teachers created a new reading program, installed libraries in every classroom, and offered professional development on strategies for integrating engaging, grade-level texts into the classroom. Mr. Finney and his teachers also introduced unique approaches to develop students’ reading comprehension skills, including independent work, conferencing with teachers, and engaging with technology. When Mr. Finney saw students who once refused to participate in conversational English begin reading on their own, he knew he was not only helping students develop a critical skill, but also instilling confidence within them.

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