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Thanks for your interest in the New York City Teaching Fellows program.  If you'd like to learn more about the Fellowship or have questions about your application, please contact us using the email form to the right. We appreciate your email, and work to respond promptly to all inquiries.

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Teaching in NYC

Use your skills and experience to build a meaningful career.

New York City’s 1.1 million students make up one of the most diverse school systems in the world. They speak more than 180 languages and come from every corner of the globe. Each student deserves an education that engages them academically and empowers them personally. As a Teaching Fellow, you’ll use the skills and experiences that brought you success in college or in your first career to ignite students’ imaginations, challenge them to dream big, and help them reach their goals.

Great teachers have a huge and lasting impact on students’ lives.

As a teacher in New York City, you will play an important role in fostering education equity in New York City’s classrooms. Since 2005, Fellows have helped raise the graduation rate in NYC by 20 percent and decrease the dropout rate by 10 percent. These may look like abstract statistics, but they translate into very real opportunities for our city’s students—including earning a higher salary and increasing their likelihood of attending college. You can be the teacher that makes a difference in the life of a New York City student.

Teach in the most exciting classroom in the world: New York City.

In New York City, you can explore your passions and help students discover theirs. Historic museums, parks, landmarks, and leading cultural institutions make the city a vibrant, living classroom. Take advantage of our city’s abundant resources to create an exciting learning environment that sparks your students’ curiosity and builds their confidence. With over 1,800 schools, you can find the right place to build a meaningful career.

Join a world-class team.

Take advantage of a professional network like no other. Over 9,000 Fellows currently work within NYC public schools, serving as teachers, principals, and administrators. Join our team and help over 100,000 students each year reach their potential.

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