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Thanks for your interest in the New York City Teaching Fellows program.  If you'd like to learn more about the Fellowship or have questions about your application, please contact us using the email form to the right. We appreciate your email, and work to respond promptly to all inquiries.

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The NYC Teaching Fellows program is one of the country’s largest and most selective alternative teacher preparation programs. As a Fellow, you’ll train in NYC classrooms, working one-on-one with experienced coaches to get the feedback you need to become a talented teacher, ready to make a profound difference for NYC’s students.

Pre-Service Training: Study, Observe, and Practice in the Classroom

Your experience as a Teaching Fellow begins with a rigorous pre-service training program, where you’ll focus on the core skills all teachers need to lead a classroom on day one—and for years to come. With a cohort of Fellows, you’ll learn and practice essential classroom techniques to prepare for your first day of teaching. Next, you’ll work in a real NYC classroom, where you’ll practice how to set a vision for student success, build a student-centered classroom, and support student learning and growth.

Refine Your Skills at Your University and in Your Classroom

After successfully completing pre-service training, you’ll go where you are needed most: teaching full-time in one of our city’s highest-need neighborhoods. Using the skills that you honed during training, you’ll bring your school, its families, and the surrounding community together to help students reach their potential.

While teaching full-time, you’ll work towards a master’s degree at one of our partner universities and attend professional development sessions to continue building your knowledge and skills.

Build a Career Helping NYC Students

In the following years, you’ll continue university coursework while teaching full-time in the classroom. For most Fellows, university coursework takes two to three years to complete. Once you’ve met all the university and state requirements for certification, you’ll be eligible to earn New York State Initial Certification and continue your career helping NYC students meet their goals.

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