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Thanks for your interest in the New York City Teaching Fellows program.  If you'd like to learn more about the Fellowship or have questions about your application, please contact us using the email form to the right. We appreciate your email, and work to respond promptly to all inquiries.

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Finding a Position

In our city’s highest-need neighborhoods, too many schools struggle to attract and retain the talented teachers our students deserve. Fellows work in low-income communities at schools with high populations of students with disabilities or English language learners because they know that their skills and experiences can transform educational opportunities for the city’s highest-need students.

Teachers who find a position that is a good fit are more likely to have a long-term impact on students. In the NYC Department of Education, all hires are made with the mutual consent of both teachers and principals, rather than by central assignment. Teachers can choose a school that fits their teaching philosophy and can flexibly transfer among schools year-to-year as their interests and circumstances change. 

While the NYC Teaching Fellows team will support you through every step of the hiring process, you will be responsible for leading your own job search. You will have access to updated job vacancies and receive support through networking events and interview and resume-writing workshops. In addition, hiring principals will receive your resume and may even take the opportunity to observe you teaching in your pre-service training classrooms.  

With over 1,800 schools—each with its own mission and culture—you can find the school that’s a good fit. For the past three years, over 97 percent of Fellows who successfully completed pre-service training have been hired before the first day of school.

NYC Teaching Fellows Bronx Cohort

Many of NYC’s highest-need schools are in the Bronx. We believe students in the Bronx deserve well-resourced schools, qualified teachers, and an education that propels them to success. To accomplish that, we’re recruiting Fellows committed to giving Bronx students the support they need to achieve their goals.

By committing to teach in the Bronx, Fellows enjoy the following benefits:

  • Early Hiring: To meet the high need for teachers, Bronx Cohort Fellows will be able to meet with principals before citywide hiring officially begins. Bronx Cohort Fellows will have the opportunity to secure an early hiring commitment from a select group of schools in the Bronx.
  • Reduced Tuition: While all Fellow’s receive a subsidized tuition, Bronx Cohort university tuition in pursuit of a master’s degree is further subsidized.
  • Networking and Support: Bronx Cohort Fellows will be invited to special school tours, networking events, and hiring events to connect with Bronx principals and hiring representatives.
  • Opportunity for Awards: Eligible Bronx Cohort Fellows may be able to take advantage of award programs like Americorps.

If you would like to join the Bronx Cohort, indicate your interest prior to attending Selection Day. More information will be available during the application process.

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